Maths Club

100% Result Oriented Program Developed by Highly Qualified Experienced Group of Teachers.

  • Create interest in subject and remove phobia of Maths
  • Remove Silly mistakes by regular Practice of Worksheets.
  • Develop the mind towards problem-solving skills as well as inductive and deductive thinking processes.
  • Develop the skill to write neat and concisely in the examination.
  • Time management: How to complete test paper/Unit Test/Half Yearly/Pre-Board and Annual Exams and revise the paper twice/thrice before submitting.
  • Set target score of 100% in Mathematics which is achievable by smart practices.
  • As Lord Krishna told Arjun in Mahabharat
  • Improve mental ability and shortcut tricks.
  • Mathematics Riddles/ Games/Quizzes and price Distribution.
  • Skills on how to make notes and learn various formulae

“Ramanujan Maths Club is a Money Back Guarantee Programme to cater the specification of each individual student.”